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Founded in May of 2016 and based in New Delhi, India, TerrainTravellers is an online marketplace for curated Tour & Activity Operators, driven by an ever-growing travel community. TerrainTravellers is one of a kind online travel tours marketplace that is driven by its own travel social network. Though currently in its beta version, we at TerrainTravellers envision to connect the travellers with Tour & Activity Operators seamlessly using technology. With a great technology platform and a growing community of travellers, TerrainTravellers is the easiest way for Tour & Activity Operators to monetise their tours and showcase it to a growing audience of travellers.

Whether it is a trek to the picturesque Ladakh Valley or island hopping in Andamans, TerrainTravellers helps travellers discover disparate trails and peculiar terrains paving the path to experiencing escapades that enthral you. There is no longer any need for hours of research and planning before setting out on a trip, we at TerrainTravellers render you the opportunity to indulge in your spontaneity by providing a one stop collection of diverse tours and trails, hand-picked and published by curated Tour & Activity Operators. Just browse through our various collections of trails such as “Adventure” or “Beach Holidays” and instantly Book trails at a lowest price guarantee. Terrain Travellers also brings for you a social community, The Trail Wall that helps you connect with congenial souls, as well as share experiences, ideas and plans all at a singular platform to ensure that your travels are never short of perfection.

Work hard. Play harder.

It's a no secret that at TerrainTravellers isn’t your atypical workplace. We've always lived by the 'work hard, play harder’ philosophy, believing that it's one of the best ways to achieve a work life balance and to ensure a contended work environment. We try to prioritise time for the people and things that we love by making a note of them on our calendar just as we would for a scheduled meeting.

And yes, most importantly we love to travel. So when the wanderlust soul yearns and time enables we head out with our backpacks perched on our shoulders to view the world from a mountain top or to sit by ocean shore, whichever one the heart desires.
That’s what defines a “TerrainTraveller”.

Our Approach

Our approach can be summed up in one simple word: Non-conformist

Ask us at TterrainTravellers who our role models are and we'd say Elon musk, J.K Rowling and the likes of them. An odd pair to throw together I know, one is a literary exemplar, the weaver of our childhood fantasies and another is a visionary, aiming to transform our future. Now at first glance mostly people will be inclined to believe that the only thing that they have in common is their amassed wealth. But if you dig deeper, you'd discover there is another thing that binds them together, their relentless belief in their dreams and the conviction in their abilities to translate them into reality. Both of them, despite the challenges they had to confront in the early years of their careers vehemently pursued their unconventional dreams. They rebelled against the orthodox world, refusing to conform to its ideas of success and surpassed its limitations.

And it is from these role models that we draw our approach of non-conformism. We at TerrainTravellers are dedicated to the pursuit of our dreams, no matter how unconventional they might seem.


Like our above mentioned role models, our founder Sahil Trehan too, in the year 2016 decide to ‘take the road less travelled’ and set down the course of fabricating Terrain Travellers. A former Consultant at a professional services firm, he has a work experience of four years coupled with an engineering degree. Going by the conventions of the society he should have set out long ago down the path of pursuing his MBA, the next logical step in his career but his passion for travel and his frustration with the absence of a comprehensive travel tour marketplace prompted him to quit his job and undertake this challenge, which resulted in the inception of Terrain Travellers.

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Sahil Trehan


Want to Join Our Team

“It takes team work to make the dream work.”

We at TerrainTravellers vehemently believe that the key to a successful organisation is a collective approach towards our dreams and it is with this philosophy that we began our journey here.

If you wish to Experience this great collaborative environment and you believe you have what it takes to be a TerrainTraveller, go ahead and explore our open positions.

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